Lisa Drucker (Editor), «Finance (Quickstudy Reference Guides)»

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Lisa Drucker (Editor), «Finance (Quickstudy Reference Guides)»
Barcharts | ISBN 1572226226 | Chart edition (June 2002) | PDF | 2.6 Mb | 4 pages


MD5: efaca679147a17e2dcb46d67149afccd


This guide mainly consists of basic finance concepts, equations and principles, which can be used in school, home or in work place.

Topics covered include:

- financial ratios for liquidity

- leverage & profitability

- time value of money

- present & future values

- effective annual rate (EAR)

- annual percentage rate (APR)

- international finance definitions

- interest rate & purchasing parity

- fisher effect theory

- foreign currency financing

This guide is laminated and comes with three punched holes for easy use.