Careers in Information Technology (repost)

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Careers in Information Technology (repost)

Careers in Information Technology
2009 | ISBN: 1582077940 | PDF | 90 pages | 2,6 MB

Opportunities in IT exist across a broad range of industries—finance, health care, education, government, and business services, or just about any organization that has a website or is required to exchange or store information. Graduates and career changers can find a wide array of exciting opportunities that offer challenging, stable, and lucrative careers—though competition for the best jobs can be stiff.

Turn to this WetFeet Insider Guide to explore:
• Current trends affecting the field and their impact on job seekers
• Where IT professionals can find work outside of the technology industry
• Profiles of top IT employers that offer the most opportunities to technology professionals
• Detailed descriptions of main IT functions
• A typical day in the life of a director of engineering, a UI designer, a technology consultant, and more
• The lifestyle, hours, and compensation you can expect from an IT career