Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals by James Long

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Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals by  James Long

Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals by James Long
Publisher: Cisco Press (May 18, 2006) | ISBN-10: 1587051605 | PDF | 6,7 Mb | 552 pages

— Introduces network administrators to the requirements of storage protocols — Explains the operation of network protocols to storage administrators — Compares and contrasts the functionality of Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Fibre Channel — Documents the details of the major protocol suites, explains how they operate, and identifies common misunderstandings — References the original standards and specifications so you can get a complete understanding of each protocol — Helps you understand the implications of network design choices — Discusses advanced network functionality such as QoS, security, management, and protocol analysis; Corporations increasingly depend on computer and communication technologies to remain competitive in the global economy. Customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and e-mail are a few of the many applications that generate new data every day. Effectively storing, managing, and accessing that data is a primary business challenge in the information age. Storage networking is a crucial component of the solution to meet that challenge.