Applied Science (5-Volumes Set)

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Applied Science (5-Volumes Set)

Applied Science (5-Volumes Set) By Donald R. Franceschetti, Ph.D.
2012 | 2171 Pages | ISBN: 1587657813 | PDF | 45 MB

Designed to illuminate the scientific principles and processes that underpin modern technology, this resource offers approximately 300 substantial surveys of topics ranging from "Archaeology" to "Apiology" and from "Food Preservation" to "Microlithography and Nanolithography." Each article opens with summary information including key concepts and relevant fields of scientific study, then goes on to lay out in relatively specific detail the topic's history, fundamental processes, applications in industry and daily life, typical career paths, and future directions. Each cross-referenced piece also features a box of "Fascinating Facts" ("Fascinating Facts About Sports Engineering"), annotated further-reading recommendations, and lists of important websites. Appendixes in volume five include a biographical dictionary of scientists, a time line (to 2010) of technological milestones, an index of general categories, and a massive bibliography. Though the black-and-white photographs and other illustrations are small and exceedingly rare, the extensive topical index inconveniently appears only in the last volume, and in breadth of coverage this can't compare to the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (McGraw-Hill, 10th ed., 2007), the thoughtful, systematic entries provided here will amply reward serious students.