The Manga Guide to Cryptography (Manga Guides)

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The Manga Guide to Cryptography (Manga Guides)

The Manga Guide to Cryptography (Manga Guides) by Masaaki Mitani
English | 24 July 2018 | ISBN: 1593277423 | 240 Pages | PDF | 91.49 MB

The latest release in the best-selling Manga Guide series explains how cryptographic ciphers work and how to crack them.

Following the comic-filled yet educational style of its predecessors in the Manga Guide series, The Manga Guide to Cryptography breaks down how ciphers work, what makes them secure or insecure, and how to decode them.

Comic illustrations make it easy to learn about classic substitution, polyalphabetic, and transposition ciphers; symmetric-key algorithms like block and DES (Data Encryption Standard) ciphers; how to use public key encryption technology to generate public/private keys and cryptograms; practical applications of encryption such as digital signatures, identity fraud countermeasures, and 'man in the middle' attack countermeasures.

As they learn about cryptography, readers will crack codes with the book's protagonist, Inspector Jun Meguro, in order to catch a notorious museum thief.