The Everything Practice Interview Book: Be prepared for any question (Repost)

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The Everything Practice Interview Book: Be prepared for any question (Repost)

Dawn Rosenberg McKay "The Everything Practice Interview Book: Be prepared for any question"
English | 2004-09-10 | ISBN: 1593371330 | 304 pages | PDF | 6 MB

In today's competitive job market, giving a top-notch interview is the only way to gain that extra edge.

Featuring more than 200 sample questions you are most likely to encounter, The Everything(r) Practice Interview Book gives you smart answers to all the toughest questions, helping you impress the interviewer with your composure and intelligence. The Everything(r) Practice Interview Book, by Dawn Rosenberg McKay-manager of the Career Planning Site for you with what to say and how to say it, giving you the advantage over your competitors and the confidence to succeed.

Features winning tips on how to:

Research your prospective employer Make the best first impression Avoid making a costly faux pas Field trick questions Compensate for gaps in experience Whether it's your first interview or you just want to polish your skills, The Everything(r) Practice Interview Book will prep you for any curveballs!Summary: Very Useful and InformativeRating: 5I found this text to be a great resource throughout the interview process. The subject matter flows well and makes it easy to read and use as a resource. Not only does the book cover phone interviews, behavioral and situational sample questions, it also gives you an easy to follow protocol on how to follow up after the interview and what to expect. Definitely a valuable resource for anyone who has not interviewed recently. Summary: Great RefresherRating: 5Having not been in the interview process for some time, I found this book very informative and a great tool for giving interviews as well. I highly recommend this book especially if you think you interview well. It's a great insight on the evaluation of your responses.