Sales Presentation Techniques: That Really Work (repost)

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Sales Presentation Techniques: That Really Work (repost)

Stephan Schiffman "Sales Presentation Techniques: That Really Work"
2007 | 160 Pages | ISBN: 1598690604 | PDF | 1,3 MB

Sales Guru Stephan Schiffman shows you how to give your presentation the ultimate "wow" factor. In a business world moving at the speed of Blackberries and Bluetooth, Sales Presentation Techniques teaches you how to get and keep your audience's attention. You will be ready to tackle the toughest boardrooms and conference halls after learning . . .

* The dos and don'ts of PowerPoint
* How to properly prepare the day of your presentation
* Strategic differences between presenting to an individual versus a group
* The correct way to handle distractions
* How to maintain and grow client relations
* And much more
Regarded as America's #1 Salesperson, Schiffman promises to make your presentations sharper and more effective. Thereby making your sales-and commissions-much greater.