Saudi Arabia (Middle East in Focus) (repost)

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Saudi Arabia (Middle East in Focus) (repost)

Sherifa Zuhur, "Saudi Arabia (Middle East in Focus)"
English | ISBN: 1598845713 | 2011 | PDF | 538 pages | 4.4 MB

In this comprehensive introduction to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, author Sherifa Zuhur reveals the fascinating people, culture, politics, and economic development of the largest Arab country of the Middle East.
The book provides a detailed summary of Arabian history from the earliest settlements on the Arabian peninsula to the present day, with a focus on the rise of the current Saudi regime.

It provides essential background on the oil politics of the Kingdom dating back to the discovery of oil in the late 1930s, an account of Saudi Arabia's subsequent economic advancement, and explanations of emerging societal issues such as labor importation and the changing roles of women. Saudi Arabia also details the Kingdom's cultural and religious milieu, including its music, poetry, architecture, legal system, and prominence in the Islamic world.