The Comanche

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The Comanche

T. Jensen Lacey, "The Comanche"
Ch.lsea Publications | 2010 | ISBN: 1604137894 | 135 pages | PDF | 10,1 MB

The Comanche are a fascinating people with an intriguing history. Settling on the South Plains of the United States on what would become known as the Comancheria, the Comanche trace their tribal origins to a Bering Strait migration and a union with the Shoshone. Earning a reputation as the fiercest of fighters, the greatest of horse riders, and the "Lords of the Plains," these people ruled the Comancheria for a 150-year period, striking fear into white settlers, U.S. soldiers, and other Native Americans alike. Before turning themselves in to the reservation, their lives were nomadic and free, moving with the great buffalo herds. The Comanche brings readers a wealth of history, tradition, and myths of these vibrant people and culminates with information about the Comanche people in present-day society.