Cooking com Bigode

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Cooking com Bigode

Cooking com Bigode by Ankur Shah
2008 | ISBN: 1607023180 | English | 116 Pages | PDF | 1.15 MB

Cooking com Bigode is a twisted mustache of modern recipes and ancient wisdom. the cuisine is vegetarian and international – Indian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, French, Amerikan, South American. The style is personal, relaxed, and holistic. for each recipe the general theory (pattern) is explained and variations are offered.
It is the vegetarian practice of the proverb: "Teach a man to cook a fish and he will eat fish forever".

You will learn The Jazz. how to improvise, how to see food and cooking and personal relationships from a twenty-second century perspective. The twenty-second century, of course, is the century of love.