Meet the Breeds: A Guide to More Than 200 AKC Breeds, 5th edition

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Meet the Breeds: A Guide to More Than 200 AKC Breeds, 5th edition

Meet the Breeds: A Guide to More Than 200 AKC Breeds by American Kennel Club
2016 | ISBN: 1621871177 | English | 240 pages | EPUB | 132 MB

With more than 200 registered breeds either in one of the seven Variety Groups or part of the Miscellaneous Class, the American Kennel Club is the world’s largest purebred-dog registry and the governing body for the canine sport in the United States. For someone looking to add a purebred canine companion to his or her life or for the all-around purebred-dog enthusiast, this AKC-authorized fifth edition of Meet the Breeds is a complete, current, and fully illustrated resource on all AKC breeds. Meet the Breeds presents the most current AKC information, introducing readers to two new Miscellaneous breeds, the Barbet and the Kooikerhondje, and documenting the transition from the Miscellaneous Class to full recognition for six other breeds. Fanciers are sure to learn something interesting about their favorite breeds while meeting plenty of new and intriguing furry faces.

Inside Meet the Breeds:

- Considerations for potential dog owners
- An introduction to each of the groups and a discussion of common traits shared by group members
- Listings of AKC dog breeds, including each breed’s history and description, temperament, size, coat, color, life expectancy, activity level, grooming and exercise requirements, healthcare, and parent-club and rescue-group contact information.
- Breed profiles organized alphabetically and color-coded by group
- Colorful photographs of adult dogs and puppies of each breed