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Finding Radical Wholeness: The Integral Path to Unity, Growth, and Delight

Posted By: tarantoga
Finding Radical Wholeness: The Integral Path to Unity, Growth, and Delight

Ken Wilber, "Finding Radical Wholeness: The Integral Path to Unity, Growth, and Delight"
English | ISBN: 1645471853 | 2024 | EPUB | 488 pages | 3 MB

From integral philosopher Ken Wilber, a practical guide to finding a radical and complete Wholeness through a path that blends integral theory, psychology, spiritual practice, and shadow work.

According to Ken Wilber, the perpetual human search for growth and fulfillment is often incomplete. In this book, Wilber integrates the wisdom of spirituality, psychology, shadow work, science, and integral theory to offer us a path to a radical and complete Wholeness of Waking Up, Growing Up, Opening Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up. Wilber shows readers how to apply integral theory to their everyday lives for transformation. For example, he shows how the theory of the Four Quadrants—the four perspectives through which we view the world—relates to our lives and allows us to show up and be more present. He also discusses how to evolve our multiple intelligences, how to increase our spiritual awareness, how to process what’s hidden in the depths of our consciousness, and how to enhance, deepen, and widen the feelings of bliss and love through the practice of integral tantric sex. Wilber introduces several practices—on topics such as the Witness, One Taste, and shadow work—to lead us to direct experiences that we can integrate into our lives. In this way, we truly understand Wholeness and can make room for everything life brings our way.

No other path of growth includes these five categories—each of which is a unique path to wholeness. By combining them and integrating them, one comes to a realization of what Wilber calls Big Wholeness—a completeness in which everything in our experience comes together to pull us into this deep meaning, where we feel in touch not only with all of the important aspects of ourselves but also with everything in our world.