Migrating to Drupal 7

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Migrating to Drupal 7

Trevor James, "Migrating to Drupal 7"
English | ISBN: 178216054X | 2012 | PDF, EPUB | 158 pages | 12 + 24 MB

Learn how to quickly and efficiently migrate content into Drupal 7 from a variety of sources including Drupal 6 using automated migration and import processes

Learn how to import content and data into your Drupal 7 site from other websites, content management systems, and databases.
Upgrade your Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7 and migrate your CCK based content into the Drupal 7 fields based framework.
Use modules that will automate the import and migration process including the Feeds and Migrate modules.

In Detail

This book will show you how to migrate your content into the Drupal content management system. You'll start by building a content type in Drupal to hold your migrated content. You'll then import your content into Drupal using the Feeds module. In order to be able to easily use them again and again, you will also learn the best methods of maintaining and packaging migration configurations.

In "Migrating to Drupal 7" you'll learn how to quickly package your legacy site's data into a format that's easy to import into Drupal. You'll then build a content type to hold migrated data in Drupal. To save time and hassle you will learn how to import content into Drupal using the Feeds module. You'll then get a brief introduction to the Migrate module and its powerful features.

With this guide you'll also learn how to upgrade your Drupal 6 website to Drupal 7 in short, simple steps. You'll also learn how to package your configuration code in Drupal using the powerful Features module.

In "Migrating to Drupal 7" you'll start by collecting your current site's content and packaging it up into a CSV file so you can easily import it into Drupal. You'll then build a content type to hold your migrated data and content.

Mastering migrations using the Feeds module will be the next invaluable tutorial before you get a closer look at the Migrate module's powerful features. You'll then upgrade your Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7 and use helper modules to help run the upgrade faster and with less hassle. This book will then take you through the process of migrating CCK-based Drupal 6 fields to Drupal 7 using the Content Migrate module.

Using the Features module you will then package up our Feeds importer and content types into code to help you to build an easily maintainable and flexible Drupal website with.

What you will learn from this book
Configure your Drupal site to run imports of migrated content using the Feeds module
Run an import of migrated content using Feeds module and a Feed importer
Package your configuration using the Features module
Utilize the Migrate module and its benefits
Migrate blog posts from WordPress to Drupal
Upgrade your Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7
Configure the Feeds Tamper module to preprocess your Feeds imports
Run additional imports using the Feeds modules to update and add new data and content to your Drupal site