Handbook of Marketing Analytics

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Handbook of Marketing Analytics

Handbook of Marketing Analytics: Methods and Applications in Marketing Management, Public Policy, and Litigation Support
Edward Elgar | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 178471674X | 712 pages | PDF | 14.48 MB

by Natalie Mizik (Author, Editor), Dominique M. Hanssens (Author, Editor)

The Handbook of Marketing Analytics showcases analytical marketing methods and their high-impact real-life applications in marketing management, public policy, and litigation support. Fourteen methods chapters present an overview of specific marketing analytic methods in technical detail while twenty-two case studies present thorough examples of the use of each method.
The contributors featured are recognized authorities in their fields. Multidisciplinary in scope this Handbook covers experimental methods, non-experimental methods, and their digital-era extensions. It explores topics such as Classical and Bayesian econometrics, Causality, Machine learning, Optimization, and recent advancements in Conjoint Analysis.

This standout collection of analytical methods and application will be useful and educational for all readers, whether they are academics or practitioners in marketing, public policy, or litigation.

Contributors include: M. Akemann, S. Albers, P. Albuquerque, G.M. Allenby, V. Altuglu, A.N. Angulo, A. Ansari, L. Ash, M. Bakker, R. Befurt, T.C. Borek, D. Borrego, B.J. Bronnenberg, Z. Chance, P.K. Chintagunta, M.G. Dekimpe, R. Dhar, D. Dzyabura, R.K. Fair, D.G. Fiebig, M. Fischer, A. Goldfarb, N.J. Goldstein, R. Guha, D.M. Hanssens, M. Hatzis, J.R. Howell, K. Huskey, R. Jacobson, D. Iacobucci, I. Ionova, S. Iyer, V.K. Kanuri, A. Lambrecht, A.Y. Lee, D.R. Lehmann, Y. Li, L. Ma, M.K. Mantrala, N. Mizik, L. O'Laughlin, D. Onul, A. Oza, K. Pauwels, E. Pavlov, K.I. Powers, V.R. Rao, R. Reed-Arthurs, D.M. Ringel, J. Roberts, P.E. Rossi, R. Schwabe, J. Silva-Risso, B. Skiera, J.H. Steckel, O. Toubia, M. Trusov, C. Tucker, A.M. Tybout, K. Wertenbroch, A.G. White, S. Woodhouse, H. Yoganarasimhan, J.D. Zona

'Handbook of Marketing Analytics is a very useful reference for the litigator wishing to gain greater expertise and insight into available tools for prosecuting and defending many types of commercial litigation. The technical chapters have gentle takeoffs that allow the nonspecialist reader to build a working knowledge of the techniques described. The case study chapters are what really set the book apart for those whose matrix algebra is rusty, enabling the non-technical attorney or lay reader to see vividly how the techniques can be deployed. This will be an essential item on the shelf of any litigator who deals regularly with advanced analytics in marketing and related areas.'
–August Horvath, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

'Over the course of their storied careers, Mizik and Hanssens have helped quantify one of the most elusive of concepts: how marketing creates enterprise value. The Handbook of Marketing Analytics teaches practitioners not only how to explain the impact of marketing investment on firm performance, but also its growing application to guiding public policy and even assisting in litigation. Expertly crafted, with practical takeaways drawn on case studies and interviews with marketing analytics experts, this book is a must-read for any marketer, advertiser or reader fascinated with discovering the unseen leverage in marketing and creativity.'
–John Gerzema, Bestselling Author and CEO of Harris Insights & Analytics/The Harris Poll, US

'Ever since I published Marketing Decision Making and Marketing Models, I have been wanting to see a superb collection of marketing analytics chapters and cases in one book. The Handbook of Marketing Analytics has finally arrived and it is a treasure.'
–Philip Kotler, Northwestern University, US

About the Author
Edited by Natalie Mizik, Professor of Marketing, J. Gary Shansby Endowed Chair in Marketing Strategy, Foster School of Business, University of Washington and Dominique M. Hanssens, Distinguished Research Professor of Marketing, Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles, US