Eco-generative Design for Early Stages of Architecture

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Eco-generative Design for Early Stages of Architecture

Eco-generative Design for Early Stages of Architecture
by Xavier Marsault
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1786301806 | 210 Pages | ePUB | 3.25 MB

This book deals with “architectural eco-design”, a subject that is topical and fascinating, but difficult, because “in the drafting phase”, the designer has a wide range of options in front of him, but also a schedule, a certain number of constraints and rules that must be respected – and a barrage of uncertainties.

Elected representatives, managers, town planners, contracting authorities, architects and users navigate a constantly expanding universe of knowledge, often without the resources they need to understand its complexity and guide or explain their rationales, which are often a source of conflict. The fact that a large amount of knowledge is scattered and inaccessible to the people who have been affecting the environment through their choices for decades shows how urgent it is to produce tools that enable them to assess the impact of their decisions in a reasonable time frame.

We are going to examine the issues, possibilities and methods of eco-design, based largely on research and developments conducted within the French ANR EcCoGen project, which produced the EcoGen software program. Tackling the major difficulties of generative design head on in the interactive first stages of an architectural project (where the choices are the most decisive in terms of the overall and future efficiencies of the structure), EcoGen is interested in the behavior of structures in their constructed environment, through a generative and multi-criteria approach (morphological, energetic, atmospheric, functional, constructive) of eco-efficient design.