Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition

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Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition

Antony Polukhin, "Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition"
2017 | ISBN-10: 1787282244 | 438 pages | EPUB | 1 MB

Learn to build applications faster and better by leveraging the real power of Boost and C++

About This Book

Learn to use the Boost libraries to simplify your application development
Learn to develop high quality, fast and portable applications
Learn the relations between Boost and C++11/C++4/C++17

Who This Book Is For

This book is for developers looking to improve their knowledge of Boost and who would like to simplify their application development processes. Prior C++ knowledge and basic knowledge of the standard library is assumed.

What You Will Learn

Get familiar with new data types for everyday use
Use smart pointers to manage resources
Get to grips with compile-time computations and assertions
Use Boost libraries for multithreading
Learn about parallel execution of different task
Perform common string-related tasks using Boost libraries
Split all the processes, computations, and interactions to tasks and process them independently
Learn the basics of working with graphs, stacktracing, testing and interprocess communications
Explore different helper macros used to detect compiler, platform and Boost features

In Detail

If you want to take advantage of the real power of Boost and C++ and avoid the confusion about which library to use in which situation, then this book is for you.

Beginning with the basics of Boost C++, you will move on to learn how the Boost libraries simplify application development. You will learn to convert data such as string to numbers, numbers to string, numbers to numbers and more. Managing resources will become a piece of cake. You'll see what kind of work can be done at compile time and what Boost containers can do. You will learn everything for the development of high quality fast and portable applications. Write a program once and then you can use it on Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android operating systems. From manipulating images to graphs, directories, timers, files, networking – everyone will find an interesting topic.

Be sure that knowledge from this book won't get outdated, as more and more Boost libraries become part of the C++ Standard.