Emerging Issues in International Business Research

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Emerging Issues in International Business Research

Emerging Issues in International Business Research (New Horizons in International Business.) by International Business Research Forum on Emerging Issues in internati (Corporate Author), Masaaki Kotabe (Editor), Preet S. Aulakh (Editor)
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing (April 2002) | ISBN-10: 1840648368 | PDF | 0,7 Mb | 285 pages

Top scholars in the field of international business (IB) contribute to this comprehensive analysis of the current state-of-the-art in IB research. The focus of the book is to examine the current state of international business research from an issue-oriented approach rather than the functional approaches that have been characteristic in the recent evolution of the field. In evaluating the current state and future research directions in areas unique to international business, the book is structured in three parts: the macro-environment, interactions between business and institutions, and competition and strategy.
The thirteen chapters in the book deal with specific topics (including regional integration, cultural and financial globalization, intellectual property protection, firm relations with various governments and multilateral agencies, business groups, international acquisitions and alliances, and the impact of the internet on international business) and provide descriptive and theoretical approaches to the understanding of contemporary and potential future issues in international business research.
Scholars, students and policymakers interested in international business issues will find this collection a unique and useful tool in their work.

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