Promiscuous Customers: Invisible Brand

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Promiscuous Customers: Invisible Brand

Michael Bayler, David Stoughton "Promiscuous Customers: Invisible Brand"
Capstone | 2001-12-15 | ISBN: 1841121592 | 256 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Phones, TV's, PDA's, watches and even fridges are rapidly taking the place of the PC. Now Europe's proliferating channels and devices - plus its multiple cultures and languages - are writing tomorrow's rules. Part field book, part manifesto, and part behind-the-scenes expose, Promiscuous Customers, Invisible Brands is a practical guide which leads the reader through the cycle of strategy, specification, planning and implementation of an e-business. It balances crisp observation with just-in-time pragmatism, on a solid foundation of value and quality management.

Created by two of Britain's most experienced and visionary strategists, Promiscuous Customers, Invisible Brands provides the insights, the framework and the toolkit for confident, flexible management through the next wave of digital business.

Michael Bayler and David Stoughton are the founders and senior partners of The Value Partnership, the e-business strategy consultancy.

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