The Life of Graham Greene, Volume 3: 1955-1991

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The Life of Graham Greene, Volume 3: 1955-1991

The Life of Graham Greene, Volume 3: 1955-1991 by Norman Sherry
2005 | ISBN: 1844137546, 0670031429 | English | 944 pages | EPUB | 31 MB

The final volume in the hugely acclaimed biographical trilogy.

The much-anticipated third and final volume of Norman Sherry’s biography follows Graham Greene’s final forays into the fulminating trouble spots of the world which beckoned as sirens all his days. From the perils of Batista’s Cuba, the privations of the Belgian Congo and the tumult of Haiti, Nicaragua and Panama, to his confrontation with the French mafia, his travels in Spain and, finally, his quiet death in Switzerland at the age of eighty-six.

The rigour and attention to detail that gained praise for the first two volumes remains undiminished as Sherry retraces Greene’s footsteps, criss-crossing the globe to visit the places that inspired Greene’s novels and meeting the people who provided the models for some of literature’s most memorable characters: the whiskey priest; the honorary consul; the zany aunt. Never losing sight of the very real religious, emotional and political struggles that made up Greene’s complicated personality — his constantly questioned but never abandoned Catholicism, his two long-term affairs with married women, his determination to stand up for the victims of injustice — Sherry illuminates Greene’s mind, methods and motivation with an unswervingly critical, yet always compassionate eye.