Glory Days (Bernice Summerfield) by Nick Wallace (Audiobook)

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Glory Days (Bernice Summerfield) by Nick Wallace (Audiobook)

Glory Days (Bernice Summerfield) by Nick Wallace (Audiobook)
Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd | ISBN: 1844354202 | edition 2009 | MP3 | 119 MB

Academic and adventurer Bernice Summerfield has always taken a dim view on grave robbers and thieves.

It's the kind of thing that makes life difficult when you're friends with one of the galaxy's most wanted criminals. A situation that gets even more complicated when that criminal's other half is the father of your son.

A mess of twisted relationships like that needs sorting.

The ideal method would be group therapy and a nice long cup of tea. Unfortunately, a raid on an impregnable location governed by a sociopathic mastermind where one false move means death is all they've got time for.

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