Managing the Embedded Multinational

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Managing the Embedded Multinational

Managing the Embedded Multinational: A Business Network View by Mats Forsgren (Author), Ulf Holm (Author), Jan Johanson (Author)
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing (January 2006) | ISBN-10: 1845426150 | PDF | 0,6 Mb | 227 pages

This book expands the business network view on managerial issues in multinational corporations. Specifically, it scrutinizes the importance of a subsidiary's external and internal business network for its strategic and organizational role within the corporation.
The internationalization of firms in terms of management issues and headquarters control, the influence of subsidiaries on decisions and learning processes within multinational corporations are examined in detail. It is argued that to understand these issues, it is necessary to analyze the context of the multinational corporation in terms of the subsidiaries' external and internal business networks. The authors also explore the extent to which subsidiaries are embedded in close relationships with other business partners and the ability of headquarters to retain control if their subsidiaries are given the opportunity to influence decisions concerning strategic investments. The theoretical elements of the book are underpinned by illustrative cases from an extensive database of 20 multinational corporations.
Grounding its analyses and conclusions on unique and extensive data on specific business relationships at the subsidiary level in multinational corporations, this book will be invaluable to students, researchers and lecturers focusing on management and international business.

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