Power Supply, Energy Management, and Catenary Problems (repost)

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Power Supply, Energy Management, and Catenary Problems (repost)

E. Pilo, "Power Supply, Energy Management, and Catenary Problems"
English | ISBN: 1845644980 | 2010 | PDF | 208 pages | 3.1 MB

In latter years, energy efficiency has become a crucial concern for every transportation mode, but it is in electrified railways where energy savings have shown a bigger potential due to (i) regenerative braking, that allows converting kinetic energy into electric power, and (i) vehicle interconnection, that allows other trains to use regenerated power. Power supply and energy management will continue to develop in the future. This book gathers under a single cover several papers published in the Computers in Railways series (IX, X and XI) and focuses on power supply and energy management. Some of the discussed themes are: modelling, simulation and optimization of AC and DC infrastructure, analysis of rolling stock consumption and innovative approaches in power supply operation.