Hypnosis: The Pain Solution

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Hypnosis: The Pain Solution

Hypnosis: The Pain Solution
Take Control of Your Chronic Pain and Stop the Pain Cycle - 4-CD audio program with Maggie Phillips, PhD
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If you are tired of living with chronic pain, there IS a solution for you. Dr. Maggie Phillips, therapist and educator, is a world-renowned expert in pain management, and her 4-CD audio hypnosis program (Hypnosis: The Pain Solution) is one of the most comprehensive tools available for learning about pain management and taking control of your chronic pain.
Pain Is a Physical alert

Anyone who has spent time in a kitchen knows that pain can serve a useful purpose. Searing heat in your fingers alerts you to set down a hot item quickly before incurring a serious burn, and then to scurry for cold water and an ice cube to treat the affected area.

Pain is a warning signal that your body has been or might become injured.
But Pain Can Become Long-Term

Unfortunately, millions of people find themselves trapped in a situation where pain changes from a temporary alert system to a chronic condition.

I often have referred to myself as the 'King of Pain' because there are so many aches and places of discomfort on my body. Often, I've avoided exercise because of this – which has contributed to my weight gain over the years.

Well, now – after listening to Hypnosis: The Pain Solution for a few nights – I can say that much of my nagging pain has been reduced dramatically. So much so that I've been playing tennis multiple times a week and feel great. This is hard for me to believe because I've tried so many products and supplements. What a Godsend!

— Mark Flores
— Irvine, CA

If you have . . .

* low back pain
* rheumatoid arthritis
* osteoarthritis
* migraine and tension headaches
* joint pain
* fibromyalgia
* lupus
* spinal cord injuries
* irritable bowel syndrome
* Crohn's disease
* carpal tunnel syndrome
* nerve injuries
* reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)
* or numerous other conditions

. . . pain can be unrelenting. Suddenly daily life becomes defined by the pain.

Every part of life is affected, including your activities, relationships, finances, diet, and self-image. Everyday actions — as basic as opening a door or lifting a child — can have unexpected consequences, leading to days or weeks of hurt.

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Hypnosis: The Pain Solution