Drupal 6 Performance Tips (repost)

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Drupal 6 Performance Tips (repost)

Trevor James, T J Holowaychuk, "Drupal 6 Performance Tips"
2010 | ISBN: 1847195849 | 240 pages | PDF | 6,9 MB

Drupal is one of the most respected and widely used open source content management frameworks. Small, medium, and large-scale websites are built using Drupal and the framework supports ecommerce, CRM, multisite and web service integrations.
Once you get your Drupal site installed and up and running, you will be concerned with site performance and how fast you can make your Drupal site run. This book will focus on implementing performance modules and solutions to help speed up your Drupal website.
We will look at introductory topics such as upgrading your Drupal site, maintaining your site, and enabling core Drupal page compression and caching.

Then we will turn to an advanced look at some contributed modules that help speed up performance, including Development, Boost, Authcache, Advanced Cache, and the Memcache API and Integration module.
Finally, we'll look at how best to implement a Drupal multisite environment and run it with high-speed performance in mind.
This book is designed for Drupal developers and webmasters who want to increase their Drupal site's speed and performance. You will take your Drupal site to the next level by not only displaying relevant and newsworthy content, but also running a powerful and high-speed website.
What you will learn from this book
Upgrade your Drupal 5 site to Drupal 6 using best practice upgrade paths
Back up and maintain your Drupal 6 site using core and contributed modules and utilities
Configure the Drupal core and contributed modules for high traffic
Run core Drupal page compression, CSS and JS compression, and use Drupal page caching
Run scheduled cron tasks to perform crucial garbage-collection processes
Use the Development (Devel) module to monitor page loads and queries
Use the Boost module for anonymous page caching, tweak Boost settings, and use Boost blocks and advanced Boost settings to monitor site performance
Install and use Memcache API and Integration module, and Authcache and Advanced Cached modules to enhance and monitor site performance
Configure a Drupal multisite environment for best performance