The Fabric of Reality

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The Fabric of Reality

The Fabric of Reality (Weekend Intensive with Adyashanti) by Adyashanti (Author), SteveKurtz (Photographer)
Publisher: Open Gate Publishing; 1st Edition edition (2006) | ISBN: 1933986131 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/ 128Kbps | 150 MB

The Fabric of Reality is a 7-CD Album recorded live in San Rafael, CA. It offers a profound and intimate investigation into the freedom of spiritual awakening. Included are satsang talks, questions from the audience, and powerful direct inquiry dialogues.

"Universal consciousness is the underlying fabric of reality. All that comes into manifestation arises as an expression of this formless fabric, in the same manner in which dreams arise and express the unconscious mind. During this intensive we will explore some of the startling and unexpected ways the fabric of consciousness works to create the world and your experience of it." ~ Adyashanti

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The Fabric of Reality