The Management Speaker's Handbook

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Patrick Forsyth, «Management Speaker's Handbook»
How to Books | ISBN 1857038134 | December 2002 | PDF | 1,4 Mb | 224 pages

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Management Speaker's Handbook
By: Patrick Forsyth
ISBN: 1857038134
Publisher: How to Books - 2002-12
Paperback | 224 Pages | List Price: $19.00 (USD) | Sales Rank: 3039412
Product Dimensions: 8.42 x 5.42 x 0.75 inches

It can take three weeks to prepare an impromptu speech, as Mark Twain once observed. But today's managers are often called on to give talks and speeches. Not only do you need to be good at it but speed is also essential. This book is designed to help, whether you are having to speak for the first time or if you already have both experience and competence. It presents concise and practical advise on content and technique, then goes on to provide specific guidance in the form of blueprints for over 25 individual speaking situations.
Checklists, sample content, advice and useful quotations should increase your effectiveness in any speaking task: launching something new, giving out awards, announcing change, giving out news, celebrating anniversaries, announcing results, dealing with the media, calling for action, saying goodbye to colleague, and lots, lots more.