The Territories and States of India

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The Territories and States of India

Europa "The Territories and States of India"
Routledge | 2002-11-15 | ISBN: 1857431480 | 300 pages | PDF | 4,8 MB

This unique survey covers the territories, states and municipalities of India. Each chapter includes a map, geography, history, economy and directory information. The reference includes essays on enterprise reform and development, population, relations with the USA and EU, and the growing disparity of wealth. It provides an economic survey and the latest available statistics on gross regional product, transport, agriculture, mining, industry, trade, foreign investment and employment, as well as a directory of the names and addresses of leading administrative and political officials, maps of the region, and useful index features.

An Invaluable introductory section provides background material on the country, helping to place it in both its current and its historical context. It includes: an informative essay on the political development of the federation and the struggle between states and the central government; a chronology covering major happenings throughout India's history, including the pre-European and colonial periods and focusing particularly on the major political events since the establishment of the Republic of India; information about the structure and organization of the national government in India, including ministry addresses, details of the Constitution and legislature; and major economic and demographic statistics of the territorial units, including useful comparative data.

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