Riding the Waves of Culture

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Riding the Waves of Culture
Nicholas Brealey Publishing Ltd | ISBN: 1857881761 | 1997-09-15 | PDF | 275 pages | 2 Mb

This is a well-written book, which provides a solid approach to dealing with cross-cultural issues with many excellent examples and statistics. The central purpose of this work is to dispel the idea that there is one correct management model. In addition to initiating the reader into the world of cultural diversity as seen in a business setting, the authors also analyse concrete steps for reconciling cultural dilemmas.

Like many other books in this genre, this book equates culture with the boundaries of the nation states and all countries are treated as monolithic cultures. This may lead readers to assume that once I learn about American of British behaviour, I can predict how any American or Brit would act in a certain situation.