Obligations and Remedies (Sourcebook)

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Obligations and Remedies (Sourcebook)
Routledge Cavendish | ISBN: 1859415229 | 2000-01-01 | PDF | 950 pages | 4 Mb

This book provides a selection of primary source materials on contract, tort and unjust enrichment. The sections on, in particular, debt, damages, specific performance and injunctions have been expanded and further sections on declaration and in rem remedies have been added. This new edition is a comprehensive compilation of sources on methodology and reasoning in the common law of obligations. The emphasis here is on problem solving.

Furthermore, in approaching the common law with an awareness of the UKs membership of the EU and the EUs enthusiasm for harmonising aspects of private law, this new edition includes more European material and expanded notes and commentary on the civilian law of obligations. The book will therefore also provide a structure for a comparative and European approach to the law of obligations and remedies.