Moscow 1941; A City and Its People at War

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Moscow 1941; A City and Its People at War

Moscow 1941; A City and Its People at War
Publisher: Springer | ISBN: 1861977743 | edition 2007 | PDF | 464 pages | 1,01 mb

A compelling piece of narrative history which brilliantly tells the story of the desperate opening months of the Russian campaign. I couldn’t put it down. James Heneage Dramatic and frightening reading This book is an heroic account of a city under siege in which the people, despite the paranoia of Stalin and the trembling incompetence of senior offi cers, pulled together and drove back Hitler’s steel wall. Paul Callan, Daily Express A rich, fascinating fabric he has captured the fi rst-hand accounts of many people whose stories would probably otherwise have been lost to us. These vignettes are as important to history as accounts of the great battles. Braithwaite, helped by the mouths of the participants, has told their story well.

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