An Advanced Psychology of the East (Audiobook)

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An Advanced Psychology of the East  (Audiobook)

An Advanced Psychology of the East (Audiobook) By Octagon Press
1996 | 1 hours and 33 mins | ISBN: 1883536022 | MP3 64 kbps | 45 MB

A lecture by Idries Shah delivered before a live audience, plus teaching stories and narratives selected from The Way of the Sufi and The Magic Monastery This is the first in a series of recordings of the work of Idries Shah. The two-tape set contains one of the only available live lectures by Shah given before an audience in the mid-1970s. Shah talks about the correct approach the student needs to take in order to learn as well as the characteristics that aid the student in his study of Sufism and those which are detrimental to it. He also outlines the duties, qualities, and attributes of the Sufi teacher and describes the “Five Subtleties,” or centers of spiritual perception the student has to experience in his development.