Tuning and Customizing a Linux System by Daniel L. Morrill

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System by Daniel L. Morrill
Publisher: Apress; 1st edition (July 31, 2002) | ISBN: 1893115275 | CHM | 1,3 Mb | 464 pages

Linux-based operating systems are extremely powerful and flexible, but unlocking that power and flexibility requires knowledge and understanding of how the systems work. Tuning and Customizing a Linux System goes beyond the mere basics of using and administrating Linux systems it covers how the systems are designed. Through detailed analyses of popular Linux distributions, real-world case studies, and example configurations and administration tasks, you will come away with a genuine mastery of Linux-based operating systems (as well as Unix-like systems in general.) Tuning and Customizing a Linux System is geared toward users of Linux systems who already know the basics but aren't yet gurus. The author fills in the gaps left by other books, creating a bridge from the basic "how to" to the plane of true mastery. You'll find detailed examples of what a Linux distribution actually consists of, and you'll explore explore three popular distributions in detail, learning useful techniques along the way. This comprehensive guide provides you with a complete, practical understanding of what's going on under the covers.


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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System  by Daniel L. Morrill
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