Applications and Services in Wireless Networks

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Applications and Services in Wireless Networks

Hossam Afifi,Djamal Zeghlache, "Applications and Services in Wireless Networks"
Publisher: Kogan Page Science 2002 | 276 Pages | ISBN: 1903996309 | PDF | 2.6 MB

Engineering wireless technologies for both public and private use have led to the creation of new applications. These include the adaptation of current network management procedures and protocols and the introduction of unified open service architectures. Aspects such as accounting for multiple media access and QoS (quality of service) profiling must also be introuced to enable multimedia service offers, service management and service control over the wireless internet. Security and content production are needed to foster the development of new services while adaptable applications for variable bandwidth and variable costs will open new possibilities for ubiquitous communications. In this work, specialist subject contributors drawn from a broad international field address these prospects.

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