Mach Mit! 2: Junior Cycle German

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Mach Mit! 2: Junior Cycle German

Mach Mit! 2: Junior Cycle German by Ruth O’Connor, Nadja Murphy
English, German | ISBN: 1909417947 | True PDF | 427 pages | 61 MB

Mach Mit! 2 is a German textbook designed for the second and third year of the Junior Cycle Modern Foreign Languages Specification. Mach Mit! 2 takes a dynamic and thorough approach to exploring the three strands: Communicative Competence, Language Awareness, Socio-Cultural Knowledge and Intercultural Awareness.

• Covers all Learning Outcomes laid out in the Specification.
• Focus on pair and group work.
• Assessment for Learning questions in each chapter.
• Portfolio activities in each chapter.
• Focus on discovery learning.
• Integration of all key skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening.
• Focus on oral communication and oral presentations.
• Each chapter linked to an element of German culture.
• Meine Duetschmappe Student Reflection and Portfolio Journal comes free with Mach MItt! 2.
• Encourages students to engage with and reflect on their language learning.
• Supports formative assessment and facilitate students in showcasing their language-learning achievements.