The Ultimate IT Professional's Guide to Managing and Consulting - Getting The Job Done (repost)

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The Ultimate IT Professional's Guide to Managing and Consulting - Getting The Job Done (repost)

The Ultimate IT Professional's Guide to Managing and Consulting - Getting The Job Done By Jacob Foster
2008-11-21 | 532 Pages | ISBN: 1921573147 | PDF | 26 MB

As an IT Consultant or Manager, you're expected to wear many hats - each one successfully and the transition from a technical role to management is often difficult. As you juggle the facets of your consulting and managerial role, it is essential to develop your business acumen. Without good business and administrative skills, your best plans will falter. Understanding the business goals of your enterprise and ensuring that the entire IT department team is in alignment with those goals is vital.

You must understand the corporate strategic plan in order to create and execute an accurate and effective IT plan; and now you can with the IT Professional's Guide to Managing and Consulting.

Make your life easier with this dedicated IT consulting and manager resource and round out your consulting and management skills to include this expertise. Learn from the best how to:

* Create IT departments that are well-aligned with an organization's business objectives

* Understand the relationship between an IT department's responsiveness and organizational agility

* Set effective project priorities and keep projects running as planned

* Measure IT performance accurately

* Better manage end-user expectations

* Build team loyalty

* Stretch technology budgets

* Improve communication with an organization's board members

This book covers, in a logical in-depth presentation style flow ALL the techniques and Best Practices needed for:

* Focus Interviews (Focus Interview technique, IT Focus Interviews, IT Interview Details, IT Interview Form)

* Process Engineering (Value chain analysis, Customer requirements analysis, Client archive analysis, Overall process charting, Process walkthrough, Time analysis, Change profile, Process analysis forms, Workflow, Brown Paper Charting, Brown Paper Fair)

* Workgroup Skills (Effective meetings, Problem Solving - Team Building, Metaplanning, Facilitation, Affinity Process)

* IT Diagnostics (Business Alignment, IT Organisation and Processes, Systems Assessment)

* Change Management (Task-based teams, Understanding change, Overcoming resistance, Coaching)

* General Techniques (DILO, PDSA, Benchmarking, KPI, SWOT, Business impact matrices, Role spiders, Critical success Factors, Pareto Charting, Organizational development, Cause-effect diagram, Core Competencies, RACI)

* Software Tools (Tools Introduction, Modelling and simulation)

Expand your leadership skills within your department and throughout your organization, get this ultimate Guide now.