The Ethical Dog Trainer: A Practical Guide for Canine Professionals

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The Ethical Dog Trainer: A Practical Guide for Canine Professionals

Jim Barry, "The Ethical Dog Trainer: A Practical Guide for Canine Professionals"
English | 2008 | ISBN: 1929242565 | 184 pages | PDF | 1.2 MB

AABP 2008 Multi-Media Awards for Excellence - Winner of the Best Dog Book of 2008 (miscellaneous category)

What do ethics have to do with dog training?
Dog trainers face ethical decisions all the time. Do I keep working with a client when it is obvious that the owner will not keep up the training program to the detriment of the dog? Should I accept payments from other dog professionals to whom I refer clients? What is the proper way to interact with other dog trainers who use methods I disagree with? Author Jim Barry dives deep into the ethical questions frequently faced by dog trainers and offers up a systematic approach to helping trainers resolve difficult dilemmas.

Learn more about:
-How to make difficult ethical choices in a consistent and logical fashion.
-How a panel of experts evaluate the ethical decisions made by trainers in a series of case studies.
-Current ethical issues, such as the use of force, that have divided the dog training industry.
-The code of ethics of the major dog training and behavioral consulting associations.
-What the ethical dog trainer should know and the skills he or she should have.

What dog trainers say about The Ethical Dog Trainer:
I hope that all dog trainers take the time to read this book and incorporate its principles in their practice. It is mandatory reading for my training staff.
Don Hanson, Past President, APDT

A book that is both timely and important, it will give canine professionals one of the tools necessary to accomplish that task. This Ethical Dog Trainer is a must read for anyone involved in the animal consulting business – not just dog trainers!
Susan Smith, Secretary and Treasurer, CCPT

An important book that fills a serious gap in the literature of dog training. Clearly written, enriched with real-life examples, balanced in presenting various views, and, quite simply, compelling to read.
Dani Weinberg, PhD, (CDBC) and author of Teaching People Teaching Dogs

An insightful and important guide for individual trainers and for the future of our emerging profession. A must-read for us all.
Veronica Boutelle, MAEd., CTC, author of How to Run a Dog Business