When In Rome, Or Rio, Or Riyadh...: Cultural Q&A's For Successful Business Behavior Around The World

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When In Rome, Or Rio, Or Riyadh...: Cultural Q&A's For Successful Business Behavior Around The World

Gwyneth Olofsson, «When In Rome, Or Rio, Or Riyadh…: Cultural Q&A's For Successful Business Behavior Around The World»
Intercultural Press | ISBN 1931930066 | < 2004-08-31 > | CHM | 0,5 Mb | 326 Pages

In the course of sixteen years of cultural consulting, author Gwyneth Olofsson has received hundreds of letters, faxes and e-mails asking for advice on deciphering the confusing—and sometimes strange—customs of colleagues and customers from other cultures. When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh… is a comprehensive selection of these queries and her insightful replies. She has chosen the topics best related to the 33 countries with the largest gross domestic product—those in which business is likely to be done. Topics include getting acquainted, making a good impression, eating and drinking, communication, time, roles and relationships, and ethics.

From the Publisher
Globalization has meant that more people than ever have contact with other cultures as part of their work. No longer limited to the ranks of top management, this cross-cultural contact is affecting workers of all levels. From the technician on the factory floor to customer service representative to the CEO, all of us can be in direct daily contact with someone from another culture.Once people from diverse cultures start to work together, unexpected and puzzling behavior patterns can crop up. Suddenly things can go wrong an no one knows why! Now author Gwyneth Olofsson takes on these work-related intercultural issues and offers practical advice in her new book, WHEN IN ROME OR RIO OR RIYADH….After sixteen years of cultural training and business consulting, Olofsson has collected the cultural questions her students and business trainees have asked her and compiled them in brief, to-the-point letters and answers. Largely drawn from her column in Volvo’s magazine, Global, she shares answers to burning questions on topics best related to the 33 countries with the largest gross domestic product—those where businesspeople are most likely to be.Olofsson uses each specific cultural question as a springboard to explore cultural commonalities and differences. She also provides "Global Warnings" for topics that are particularly sensitive in certain cultures. And, she’s made the book easy to navigate with a country- specific index at the front of the book. Whether searching for the answer to a specific cultural question (such as making a good impression) or understanding a specific area of the world (such as Belgium or Indonesia), the reader can locate the information quickly through this index.To make her book most useful to international businesspeople, Olofsson chose to cover cultural questions from 33 countries with largest economies. They include:

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada China Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong India Indonesia Italy Japan Mexico Netherlands Norway Poland Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Kingdom United States Venezuela

After each section of the book, she provides the fundamental cultural characteristics of each of these countries, sometimes referencing a specific letter or pointing out the similarities among different countries. All in all she provides a fascinating read for anyone who wants to avoid being blindsided by a cultural misstep and wants to communicate more effectively with their overseas colleagues.