Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning: Synchronizing Demand, Supply and Resources for Peak Performance

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George E. Palmatier / Colleen Crum, «Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning: Synchronizing Demand, Supply and Resources for Peak Performance (J. Ross Publishing Integrated Business Management Series)»
J. Ross Publishing | ISBN 1932159002 | 2002-09-12 | PDF | 1.1 Mb | 288 pages

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Sam Beaird, Principal Consultant, Kirby Associates
This book masterfully explains both the fundamentals and the intricacies for properly and completely implementing sales and operations planning.

Bill Walton, Director of Marketing, Flowserve
George Palmatier and Colleen Crum deliver this practical business concept in a fashion that is easy to understand and digest.

Roger Brooks, Author of Inventory Record Accuracy
This book puts sales and operations planning into context. It is a must read!

The CEO Refresher
"This is a great work with many important insights into fundamental operating principles to successfully deploy manufacturing management."

Harry Lo
"Book is great…I want to congratulate the authors for making this book so interesting and so different from regular textbooks."

David Aichinger
"One of the best business books I’ve ever read and a must read for everyone in upper and middle management"

Book Description
Operational excellence cannot be achieved by technology alone. An effective Sales and Operations process is essential to successfully implementing any integrated management system such as Enterprise Resources Planning or Supply Chain Management.

While the book Orchestrating Success and other books explain the mechanics of the S&OP process, this definitive text illustrates the effective real world implementation of this powerful process and demonstrates how to improve operational performance, including on-time customer deliveries, inventory control, quality, top-line revenues and bottom-line profits.

About the Author
George Palmatier and the Oliver Wight team pioneered the development and evolution of Sales and Operations Planning. Mr. Palmatier was a major contributor to the first groundbreaking book on the topic entitled Orchestrating Success. He also authored the groundbreaking best-selling book on demand management entitled The Marketing Edge.

Colleen Crum, a leading consultant with Oliver Wight, has help companies implement sales and operations planning and demand management for many years and develops teaching curriculum on these topics.