Entity Framework 4 in Action

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Entity Framework 4 in Action

Entity Framework 4 in Action By Stefano Mostarda, Marco De Sanctis, Daniele Bochicchio
Publisher: Publ..ica..tions 2011 | 576 Pages | ISBN: 1935182188 | PDF | 20 MB

Entity Framework 4 in Action is an example-rich tutorial for .NET developers with full coverage of EF 4 features. The book begins with a review of the core ideas behind the ORM model and shows through detailed examples and larger case studies how Entity Framework offers a smooth transition from a traditional ADO.NET approach. Entity Framework builds on the ADO.NET persistence model and the language features of LINQ to create a powerful persistence mechanism that bridges the gap between relational databases and object-oriented languages. Entity Framework 4 in Action is an example-rich tutorial that helps .NET developers learn and master the subject. It begins by explaining object/relational mapping and then shows how you can easily transition to EF from ADO.NET. Through numerous focused examples and two larger case studies, the book unfolds the EF story in a clear, easy-to-follow style. Infrastructure and inner workings of EF are discussed when you need them to understand a particular feature. This book is written for .NET developers. Knowledge of ADO.NET is helpful but not required.

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