Continuous Integration in .NET (repost)

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Continuous Integration in .NET (repost)

Continuous Integration in .NET By Marcin Kawalerowicz, Craig Berntson
2011 | 375 Pages | ISBN: 1935182552 | PDF | 16 MB

Continuous integration is a software engineering process designed to minimize "integration hell." It's a coordinated development approach that blends the best practices in software delivery. For .NET developers, especially, adopting these new approaches and the tools that support them can require rethinking the development process altogether.
Continuous Integration in .NET is a tutorial for developers and team leads that teaches readers how to re-imagine their development strategy by creating a consistent continuous integration process. This book shows how to build on the tools they already know - .NET Framework and Visual Studio - and to use powerful software like MSBuild, Subversion, TFS 2010, Team City, CruiseControl.NET, NUnit, and Selenium.