Microsoft Excel 2013 Functions and Formulas: Third Edition Ed 3

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Microsoft Excel 2013 Functions and Formulas: Third Edition  Ed 3

Bernd Held, "Microsoft Excel 2013 Functions and Formulas: Third Edition Ed 3"
English | ISBN: 1937585506 | 2014 | 450 pages | EPUB | 17 MB

Updated for Excel 2013 and based on the bestselling editions from previous versions, Microsoft Excel 2013 Programming by Example with VBA, XML and ASP is a practical, how-to book on Excel programming, suitable for readers already proficient with the Excel user interface (UI). If you are looking to automate Excel routine tasks, this book will progressively introduce you to programming concepts via numerous illustrated hands-on exercises. More advanced topics are demonstrated via custom projects. From recording and editing a macro and writing VBA code to working with XML documents and using Classic ASP pages to access and display data on the Web, this book takes you on a programming journey that will change the way you work with Excel. The book provides information on performing automatic operations on files, folders, and other Microsoft Office applications. It also covers proper use of event procedures, testing and debugging, and guides you through programming advanced Excel features such as PivotTables, PivotCharts, and the Ribbon interface.

Contains thirty chapters loaded with illustrated "Hands-On" exercises and projects that guide you through the VBA programming language. Each example tells you exactly where to enter code and how to test it and then run it.
Takes you from introductory topics–including recording and editing macros, using variables, and constants, writing subroutines/functions, conditional statements, and various methods of coding loops to repeat actions–to intermediate and advanced topics that include working with collections, class modules, arrays, file and database access, custom forms, error handling and debugging and conditional compilation.
Includes comprehensive coverage of native file handling in VBA, Windows Scripting Host (WSH), and low level File Access.
Demonstrates how to interact with Microsoft Access databases using both ADO and DAO to access data.
Includes chapters on programming charts, PivotTables, dialog boxes, custom forms, the Ribbon, Backstage View, context/shortcut menu customizations, as well as proper use of event procedures and callbacks.
Provides a practical coverage of using web queries, HTML, XML, and VBScript in Classic ASP with Excel to retrieve and publish data to the Web.

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On the CD-ROM:
All source code and supplemental files for the Hands-On exercises and custom projects
All images from the text (including 4-color screenshots)

Brief Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Formulas in Excel. Chapter 2: Logical Functions. Chapter 3: Text Functions. Chapter 4: Date and Time Functions. Chapter 5: Basic Statistical Functions. Chapter 6: Mathematical Functions. Chapter 7: Basic Financial Functions. Chapter 8: Database Functions. Chapter 9: Lookup and Reference Functions. Chapter 10: Conditional Formatting with Formulas. Chapter 11: Working with Array Formulas. Chapter 12: Special Solutions with Formulas. Chapter 13: User-defined Functions. Chapter 14: Examples. Appendix A: Excel Interface Guide. Appendix B: On the CD-ROM. Index.