BROTHERS OF THE SECRET LODGE: The God of the Freemasons & the New World Order

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BROTHERS OF THE SECRET LODGE: The God of the Freemasons & the New World Order

BROTHERS OF THE SECRET LODGE: The God of the Freemasons & the New World Order by John P. Morgan, William A. Hinson
English | ISBN: 1973164663 | 360 pages | EPUB | October 27, 2017 | 18 Mb

Freemasons claim that Masonry is open to any one of any faith and that it is a brotherhood to help other Masons. This is used as a trap to entice new victims into their secret order. All Freemasons take a deadly oath for each degree up to the 33rd degree. They swear allegiance to Masonry above God and country and under pain of death, and swear never to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry - not even to their wives. Therefore no matter what a Mason claims about their supposed good works or good intentions, they cannot be believed. Their real purpose is to undermine the teachings of Christianity. They are the true masters of deceit. Specifically anti-Christian, Masonry is working for a secular-humanist new world order - a Masonic Republic. At Catholic University, in Washington, D.C., on June 30, 1990, in a speech to the World Apostolate of Fatima, Father Robert J. Bradley, S.J., stated, "Masonry is Secular Humanism incarnate. Masonry is also Satanism incarnate." The official position of American Freemasonry has been outlined in their publication The New Age. The September 1950 issue describes “God's Plan in America” (according to the distorted view of Masonry) and asserts that Masonry is God's plan for America and that Christianity is in opposition to this plan of God. Masons freely invoke the name of “God” but their god is not the God of the Bible. Even some Catholics condemn this occult society, in 1829, Pope Pius VIII warned Catholics concerning Masonry, “Their law is untruth; their God is the devil; and their cult is turpitude.” In other reports, they describe some of the past Masonic successes in starting wars, spawning revolutions, causing assassinations and overthrowing organizations and even governments. Their diabolical activities in America and their plans “for a new world Masonic Order” will be revealed; and their promotion of the deadly heresy of indifferentism (which maintains that all religions are of equal value) will be discussed. As a Mason works his way up through the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite, he is promised that he will attain the secret knowledge of the “ancients” - secrets available only to the illuminated or Gnostic adepts. Masonry is a pagan religion which adopts various religious symbols to deceive the unwary, as in the case of the letter “G” which is often used within the two other Masonic symbols, the square and the compass. Many uninformed Christians assume that this “G” stands for the Trinitarian God, when it actually represents the Masonic gnosis or generation. The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies (Huntington House 1990) asserts, “Though few Masons know it, the god of Masonry is Lucifer. What's the difference between (worship of) Lucifer and Satan? Luciferians think they are doing good.” This is the “ultimate” secret of Masonry and of similar secret quasi-Masonic societies - the worship of Lucifer. William T. Still writes that “Masons believe Lucifer never fell to earth; that Lucifer is really God, and has been since the dawn of creation.” Adonay is their blasphemous term for the one true God of Christendom, whom Luciferians denounce as the god of evil. Masonry's god is “the devil.” Lower degree Freemasons are not told of this secret and higher degree Freemasons will never admit it for the oaths forbid them to divulge Masonic secrets. Masons take blood oaths in which they swear undivided primary allegiance to Masonry - over Christ, over country, and over their wives and family under pain of a violent death. A third Masonic evil is their promotion of the idea that all religions are equal. This is the heresy of Indifferentism, that would equate Christianity with Hinduism, with Buddhism, with aboriginal pantheism. However their unconstrained hatred of Christianity belies this feigned equality. Unfortunately, the ethnic and religious diversity in America subtly indoctrinates the unsuspecting Christians.