1 Million in 5 years: A Real Estate Startup in Paris

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1 Million in 5 years: A Real Estate Startup in Paris

1 Million in 5 years: A Real Estate Startup in Paris by Sourabh Singh
English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08Y6TNPM7 | 45 pages | EPUB | 0.93 Mb

This book is based on my real life experience in Paris where I came as a student and end up being an Entrepreneur in Real Estate. The incidents in this book shows, How goal oriented efforts with conducive approach, leads to extraordinary outcomes. Here I have tried to explain all the steps and procedures that I have adopted to fulfil my dream of Real Estate Startup. I have also explained all the struggles and problems I faced and how I overcome those , with proper strategy, positive mindset and good timing.
This book gives an exact direction and step by step procedure to raise a Real Estate business all the way from zero to millions, in suburbs of Paris. And I am sure, If it works for Paris, It can work for other European cities like Madrid, Amsterdam, Munich ,Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona etc.Even for the next stage of my startup, I would like to expand its reach to these European cities.
The summary at the end, gives you a short and accurate lessons of all chapters of this book.

Be careful, I am not going to give you some magic tricks or gimmicks to get you a whole new business without making efforts .If you are looking for easy money without hard work then put this book down.
I am writing this book , in order to share my knowledge, instinct and feelings that I have gained over a period of 10 years in Paris during the tenure of my education, job and Real estate Business. I will explain briefly, How I started from zero and raised a net worth of over 1 million in just a span of 5 years.
Although, my first startup is into information technology TraceByte.com that you can find out in my next book “Efficient ways to achieve Goals” but here I am only going to talk about my Real Estate startup JoinImmo.com

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