2006 World Drug Report: Vol. 1. Analysis

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2006 World Drug Report: Vol. 1. Analysis

United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime, «2006 World Drug Report: Vol. 1. Analysis»
[Vienna] United Nations Publications, 2006 | ISBN 9211482143 | 2006 | PDF | 210 Pages | 4,30 Mb (Uncompressed=6.5 Mb)

Preface Drugs are everywhere, say alarmed parents. The drug problem is out of control, cries the media. Humanity has entered the 21 st century with much lower levels of drug cultivation and drug addiction than 100 years earlier. The number of addicts, especially those dependent on cocaine and heroin, has declined massively over the last century and, worldwide, has remained stable in the past few years. Within a few years, Asia’s notorious Golden Triangle, once the world’s narcotics epicentre, could become opium-free.

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