Optical Transmission: The FP7 BONE Project Experience [Repost]

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Optical Transmission: The FP7 BONE Project Experience [Repost]

António Teixeira, Giorgio Maria Tosi Beleffi - Optical Transmission: The FP7 BONE Project Experience
Published: 2011-11-01 | ISBN: 9400717660 | PDF | 302 pages | 12 MB

Optical Transmission represents a wide set of visions of researchers who are active in the actual research scene in Europe. An aggregate of highlights of research in transmission with a state of the art presented by the researchers who are driving it are presented. The trends on research are in this book presented by one of the widest networks of excellence put together in Europe in the field of optical networking (more than 40 Research institutions were involved). The readers will find a specialized readout of the current trends and status of transmission ranging from simulation to ultimate experimental results, from modulations to devices. A highlight of Optical Transmission is the introduction in a technical book a chapter on techno-economics, which drives the vision and field a little further. General reading could be made however is more suited for graduated users. The most important features of Optical Transmission are: wide vision on transmission related issues, state of the art and related trends and techniques; techno-economics of the field.