Theodor Adorno [Repost]

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Theodor Adorno [Repost]

Ross Wilson - Theodor Adorno
Published: 2007-12-25 | ISBN: 0415418186, 0415418194 | PDF | 160 pages | 3 MB

The range of Adorno's achievement, and the depth of his insights, is breathtaking and daunting. His work on literary, artistic, and musical forms, his devastating indictment of modern industrial society, and his profound grasp of Western culture from Homer to Hollywood have made him one of the most significant figures in twentieth-century thought.
As one of the main philosophers of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, Adorno’s influence on literary theory, cultural studies, and philosophical aesthetics has been immense. His wide-ranging authorship is significant also to continental philosophy, political theory, art criticism, and musicology. Key ideas discussed in this guide include:
art and aesthetics
fun and free time
nature and reason
things, thoughts and being right
This Routledge Critical Thinkers guide will equip readers with the tools required to critically interpret Adorno’s major works, whilst also introducing readers to his interpretation of classical German philosophy and his relationship to the most significant of his contemporaries.