Women and Politics in Contemporary Japan

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Women and Politics in Contemporary Japan

Emma Dalton - Women and Politics in Contemporary Japan
Published: 2015-03-03 | ISBN: 0415827388 | PDF | 174 pages | 1.14 MB

This book looks at the gendering of the political system in Japan and the effects of that system on gender equality in national-level politics specifically and wider society more generally. It examines the approach taken by the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to issues of gender equality in Japan, and the repercussions of that approach on women’s political experiences and representation. This book covers a range of themes including the role of the LDP and other major political parties in constructing the modern Japanese political system, the under-representation of women in Japanese politics, women’s experiences in party politics and the gendering of government policies. Using in-depth interviews with women members of the national Diet, the book sheds light on how political women negotiate the male-dominated world of Japanese politics.

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