SiGe-based Re-engineering of Electronic Warfare Subsystems [Repost]

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SiGe-based Re-engineering of Electronic Warfare Subsystems [Repost]

Wynand Lambrechts, Saurabh Sinha - SiGe-based Re-engineering of Electronic Warfare Subsystems
Published: 2016-11-20 | ISBN: 3319474022 | PDF | 329 pages | 6.27 MB

This book provides readers a thorough understanding of the applicability of new-generation silicon-germanium (SiGe) electronic subsystems for electronic warfare and defensive countermeasures in military contexts. It explains in detail the theoretical and technical background, and addresses all aspects of the integration of SiGe as an enabling technology for maritime, land, and airborne / spaceborne electronic warfare, including research, design, development, and implementation. The coverage is supported by mathematical derivations, informative illustrations, practical examples, and case studies. While SiGe technology provides speed, performance, and price advantages in many markets, to date only limited information has been available on its use in electronic warfare systems, especially in developing nations. Addressing that need, this book offers essential engineering guidelines that especially focus on the speed and reliability of current-generation SiGe circuits and highlight emerging innovations that help to ensure the sustainable long-term integration of SiGe into electronic warfare systems.

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