Sony Vegas Pro 11 Completed Training

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Sony Vegas Pro 11 Completed Training

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Completed Training
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Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing software package for nonlinear editing systems (NLE) originally published by Sonic Foundry, now owned and run by Sony reative Software.Vegas does not require any specialized hardware to run properly, allowing it to operate on almost any standard Windows computer across a broad range of hardware.In areas of compositing and motion graphics Vegas provides a broad tool set including 3D track motion compositing with control over zdepth, and spatial arrangement of visual planes including plane intersection. Unfortunately keyframing of simple 2D motion lacks bezier adjustments and multiple keyframed smooth motion is marred by slowdowns or hesitations at each keyframe.

Much of the visual effects processing in Vegas follows an audiolike paradigm. Effects can be applied at any stage of the visual signal flow event level, track level and output level effects, much like reverb, delay and flange audio effects are applied in a digital audio system, like Pro Tools, Cubase or Sonar. Master output effects can also be controlled and manipulated over time by the use of Master Bus track automation envelopes.

As of version 8.0, Vegas reads MJPEG AVIs (usually from video setting on digital still cameras). (With prior versions of the software, installing an MJPEG codec sometimes fixed the problem.) Thirdparty codecs are supported but it can be difficult to see which codec is being used to play back an AVI. Some of Vegass codecs are native or builtin.

One major omission of Vegas is that, although it started life as an Audio Multitrack NLE, it has no MIDI capability at all. (Apart from controldesk and synchronisation.) This restricts its use for Audio production, focusing the product on the ostproduction, Video NLE market only.

Vegas features integration with 24p DV. It is also one of the few NLEs which can onvert other formats to 24p (or any format to any other format) without any kind of a plugin or thirdparty application support and is the only proprietary NLE that allows for multiple instances of the application to be opened simultaneously. Clips and sequences can be copied and pasted between instances of Vegas. One instance can be rendering a sequence in the background while the user continues to edit in a different instance of Vegas in the foreground. Vegas provides sophisticated compositing including green screen, masking, and keyframe animation. Nesting allows a prior project to be included in another project modularizing the editing process so that an array of tracks and edits become one track for further editing. Any changes to the previous project become reflected in the later project. Nesting is especially helpful in large or complex or special effects projects as the final rendering suffers no generation loss.