Pro Apache Tomcat 6 by Kunal Mittal [Repost]

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Pro Apache Tomcat 6 by Kunal Mittal [Repost]

Pro Apache Tomcat 6 by Kunal Mittal
English | Mar 23, 2007 | ISBN: 1590597850 | 348 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

60-80% of Java developers require only simple Java Web applications. For these advanced, specialized users, the optimal deployment tool for simple Java-based Web applications is the open source Tomcat Web application server, which has graduated from Jakarta to become a topline Apache project, Apache Tomcat. Pro Apache Tomcat 6 fills an important need in the very large, very under-served Tomcat tech market. Unlike beginner manuals, this book wastes no time on Java or JSP introductions, and discusses JSP and Java code minimally. Instead, it gets right to the point and teaches you to use the newest Tomcat, version 6.